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From simplifying your day and streamlining your time to enjoying costs savings and a fixed budget, the reasons to contract are many.Type your paragraph here.

Dear busy parents:

We are here to ease things up for you.           

We at Autopilot Transportation offer and guarantee you the best transportation service for your children. We’ve selected our best drivers based on their top notch driving and interpersonal skills, as well as their responsibility on the job, because they too are parents. They all have an approved Chauffeur's Drivers License and they have a clean background, as well as years of experience in this field.

Each one of our transportation Vans is equipped, with their respective seatbelt and, of course, air conditioning. Autopilot Transportation is guaranteed to provide a safe, convenient and affordable transportation for your children. Needless to say, we get there on time.
Our areas of coverage are Hallandale, Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Island, North Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Weston and we will be opening new routes in other zones for groups of kids who live near.

We can only accept so much reservations. That being said, we give priority to those parents who call us early on. Our reservations are free of charge but they do require a comitment on your behalf in order to stratigically plan our transportation routes.

Private Student 

Transportation Services

  • Transport for kids to private schools.
  • Transport for kids to camps and Summer Activities
  • Transport for kids to medical and dental appointments
  • One Way, Round Trip Services
  • Weekends by arrangement
  • Door to Door service

You have the company to after school activities, we can provide services from school to your academy.

Our school van are just for kids. From field trips to corporate events, Autopilot is the affordable alternative for a variety of groups and destinations.

door to door